Photo coverage

This section is devoted to photo coverage of significant and interesting events in the life of GCE Group.

Originals of pictures can be requested at GCE press-service by calling (812) 325-06-21

GCE Group booth at the World Energy Congress in Montreal visited by several thousand people

XXI World Energy Congress, recognized as the most significant event in the energy sector, which is organized once in every three years, was held in Montreal (Canada) from 12 to 16 September 2010. GCE Group presented to the public its services in improving the efficiency of energy systems and saving of all types of energy resources in industry. The official delegation of the company was headed by Alexander Moskalenko, the Group President and founder of the GCE Group.

During the exhibition 127 business negotiations were conducted, many of which were concluded with the signing of agreements on cooperation. "The interest shown in our services exceeded my expectations” - said Mr. Moskalenko. – “It's a fact that energy efficiency and reducing of carbon dioxide emissions is a transnational issue, which united all the nations of the world, especially in the wake of the global financial crisis. And we have enormous experience in energy audits in order to help solving this problem. We deal with all types of energy, including alternative, and we are also independent from the manufacturers of power equipment”.

By the results of the Congress the Board of Directors may revise the business development master plan for 2009-2012. For example, in the background of contracts under discussion there may be a requirement for opening a back office in Canada.