Photo coverage

This section is devoted to photo coverage of significant and interesting events in the life of GCE Group.

Originals of pictures can be requested at GCE press-service by calling (812) 325-06-21

Top managers from GCE have arranged an activity to bolster patriotic values

On the eve of Victory Day, from May 4 to 6, members of military-patriotic clubs from Pskov and Petrozavodsk travelled to one of Russia’s Northern Fleet naval bases in Gajievo. Eight participating cadets chosen had the best credentials in studies and active involvement in their clubs. The event, which is an unlikely one for a business to sponsor, was organized by GCE Group as part of its anniversary program “Celebrate 15 years with 15 good deeds!”

The initiative to arrange and underwrite a series of visits to Northern Fleet facilities and meet serving commanding officers was launched by GCE Group president Alexander Moskalenko, himself a former submariner. The visit was made possible by support from officers of unit 90419 based in Gajievo. The officers staged military games at seamen training center and led the tour of submarine 667-BDRM ‘Verkhoturie”. They also provided accommodations for kids in the barracks and hot meals in the galley. According to commander of unit 20404, captain first rank Andrey Korablev, such meetings are necessary as the fleet will need a worthy “new crop”.

GCE Group president Alexander Moskalenko received letters of appreciation from Karelia’s minister of education and Pskov city government. GCE Group managers were inducted as honorary members of “Junior Submariner” club of Pskov and Republican mariner club of Petrozavodsk. Mementos of the trip received from participating teenagers will be displayed in GCE’s naval museum established in the group’s central office in 2006.

Award of certificates admitting one to Gajieveo was conducted on the Neva
РChairman of “Junior Submariner” club (Pskov) Vitaly Nikitin inducts Alexander Moskalenko as an honorary member
The girls will not be sidelined in mastering this traditionally male calling
Our team at full strength
It was still winter beyond the Arctic Circle
Real submarines? - Incredible!
Training complex for survivability crew actions simulations
Heat-protective suit
It got truly scary when a fire was put out
Remember your school physics. 6 atmospheres pressure chamber
Children were allowed to try on diving suits

Secret facility! No pictures allowed beyond this point
St. Petersburg. The day in Central Navy museum beckons
Meeting veterans of WWII and defenders of besieged Leningrad
Submarine  D-2 “Narodovoletz” saw action in WWII
D-2 stands for “Decembrist the second”
Dedication into ship boys includes presentation of a traditional singlet
“Old tar” cafe is for true sailors
Our last stop is the legendary cruiser “Aurora”
Central Naval Museum is a boy’s paradise