Photo coverage

This section is devoted to photo coverage of significant and interesting events in the life of GCE Group.

Originals of pictures can be requested at GCE press-service by calling (812) 325-06-21

Media workday with RIA Novosti

The group of companies “GCE” has supported the media workday, which has completed the “Green Week” project organized by the “RIA Novosti”
About 50 people took part in the urban greening movement of April 23 2011.
The experts from the  “GCE” group of companies  have cleaned the territory of  necropolis “Literary bridges”, which is located in the close proximity to the central office of the group in St. Petersburg
The participants of the media workday have cleaned away last year's leaves, fallen branches and twigs from the alleys of the historical cemetery and have planted flower plants.