Photo coverage

This section is devoted to photo coverage of significant and interesting events in the life of GCE Group.

Originals of pictures can be requested at GCE press-service by calling (812) 325-06-21

Official Trips in 2010

Official long-distance trips are an integral part of our work.
We reach everywhere - Siberia, the Far East, China, America, Russia.
GCE Group expert spends, on an average, one third of his working time in official trips, but we like it, we love what we do.
We work in all weathers and always in good mood!

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Team of Specialists from “GCE – Energo” and “Cosan”
The lake Baikal, Irkutsk Region, Russia. Team from “CAC-GCE”
Kogalym, Russia. I. Agapov, Chief Specialist from “CAC - GCE”
Toronto, Canada. A. Savelieva, Director-PR, GCE Group
On the way from Montreal to Ottawa, Canada. GCE Group
New Urengoy, Russia.
V. Lomakin, “GCE - Nord”
Noyabrsk, Russia. From the archive of  “GCE Ecology”
Polar Urals, Specialists on Occupational Health and Safety, “CAC - GCE”
Usinsk, Russia, from the archive of  “CAC - GCE”
Shanghai, China. G. Komarova, Director, “GCE-India”
Mumbai, India. P Gorelov, Energy Auditor, “GCE – Energy”
Arkhangelsk, Russia. From the archive of  “GCE - Nord”
The start of the installation program of 664 solar water heaters in the poor  residential areas by the specialists from “GCE do Brazil”