Photo coverage

This section is devoted to photo coverage of significant and interesting events in the life of GCE Group.

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Technical diagnostics of “Jubilee” sports palace

In March 2009, the management of “Jubilee” sports palace (St. Petersburg) and GCE-Nord company (GCE-Nord deals with technical diagnostics of buildings and structures) have signed the agreement to conduct an engineering survey of the structure’s load-bearing elements. The survey, undertaken by the experts as pro bono initiative making part of GCE Group anniversary program “15 good deeds to celebrate our 15 years!” could not come at a better time. One of the architects involved in designing “Jubilee” palace back in 1967, an 80-years old Grigory Zhidkov, has addressed to city authorities and sports arena management dire warnings of its imminent collapse.
Based on survey findings, GCE-Nord experts will recommend solutions for continued safe operation of the facility.