Photo coverage

This section is devoted to photo coverage of significant and interesting events in the life of GCE Group.

Originals of pictures can be requested at GCE press-service by calling (812) 325-06-21

Blood Donor Day at GCE

On January 20 central office of GCE Group in St. Petersburg held a “Blood Donor’s Day” in support of government program to foster voluntary donation of blood and blood components. 28 donors selected out of 40 volunteers after medical screening have donated almost 12 liters of blood.

Says GCE Group president Alexander Moskalenko, “Donor Day is one of 15 good deeds that we plan in St. Petersburg and other cities in this year of GCE jubilee. We hope that the example we set may prove infectious. Blood donorship may be ranked among issues of national security, since in emergencies a lot rides on timely medical aid. Giving help and relating to misfortunes of others is a good tradition for businesses to emulate”.

We have been visited by kindly and charming nurses
Volunteer blood donors line up
Handouts to help rookie blood donors
The pamphlet should be read before blood can be drawn
Donors go through medical screening
Taking blood pressure and hemoglobin readings is mandatory
The first one to volunteer
Restorative tea-drinking is a sine qua non of blood donation process
“Tvoe TV” channel journalists interview team leader from city blood transfusion center
Our brave men...
And ladies!
Every donor got a red scarf as a memento