We are all different people, having different temperaments and of different characters, but even before we were united by a common business, we were already united by solid friendship.  Together we lived through the Russian monetary default of 1998, as well as some other disappointments of big business.

Together we have built a world-class corporation.

Alexander Moskalenko, GCE Group President

Board of Directors

Alexander V. Moskalenko

GCE Group President, LLC “GCE” Director, LLC “GCE-energo” and CJSC “Audit Company.GCE” General Director

Was born on June 25, 1962
Graduated from Naval Academy and St.Petersburg State Technical University
Former officer of central NAVY military unit
Participated in new models of naval armaments development
Was awarded by the government several times
Since 1993 has held executive positions in several banks: Novotroizk-bank, Presentkombank and Alfa-bank.

Alexander is the establisher and ideologue of GCE Group - leading technical consultant in Russia and top energy auditor in Europe since its foundation in 1994. He has created more than 400 jobs since 2004 and introduced GCE Group to the worldwide market in 2007 after Sao-Paulo (Brazil) and Delhi (India) offices opening.
Alexander Moskalenko was awarded as Energy Engineer Emeritus of Russia in 2004.
He participated actively in development of Federal Law No.225-FZ “On hazardous industrial facility owner obligatory damage liability insurance in emergency cases” (passed in the first reading on December 16, 2005) and took part in Process Control Provision generation for RAO UES of Russia. The Provision implementation allowed reducing damage risks significantly for multiple Russian energy facilities. Alexander is permanent Organizational Committee leader and host of International Forum on Industrial Safety, traditionally taking place in St.Petersburg. Forum is focused on global safety and nation health challenges solving. Governmental supervision authorities and companies from 32 countries (UK, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus, etc.) have already participated in the event for the past 5 years.
Alexander Moskalenko finances sport by his own initiative: international Vladimir Salnikov Cup Swimming Tournament, NAVY water polo club, EKRAN sport club and children sport school of the Olympic reserve. Alexander cooperates with young sailors clubs located in different Russian cities for military-patriotic education providing to younger generation. Moreover, Alexander is involved in Kursk Fund events financing.
In 2009, Alexander Moskalenko started to practice annual Blood Donor Day in GCE Group offices in support of state program on voluntary donorship.
Alexander was admitted one of the most successful Russian top managers according to 2007 results.
He has become a member of The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Industrial Safety Committee in 2013.
Alexander Moskalenko was declared one of the most accomplished North-West top-managers in audit and consulting, according to Kommersant Publishing House 2013 rating.
Alexander is Ph.D. in Economics and Master of swimming. He is married and has a son and a daughter.